Girls in Engineering

Tailored exclusively for girls, creating a supportive and inclusive environment
where they can explore the exciting world of engineering without barriers. 

The Girls in Engineering Program is a dynamic and empowering initiative designed to inspire and support young girls aged 13 – 17 who are passionate about engineering. This program aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM by providing hands-on learning experiences, mentorship, and opportunities for girls to explore various engineering fields.

Our experienced and passionate instructors will guide them through a range of engineering disciplines, from mechanical and electrical to software and environmental engineering.

6 Modules

Hands-on modules ranging from 10 common fields of engineering across 7 weekends. Each session will last for 3 hours.

100% Virtual

All sessions and modules will be taught online via zoom and google classroom by practicing female engineers.


Sessions led by professional women in engineering from around the world. Girls will be paired in groups to a mentor.

Industry Exposure

Networking sessions with female engineers and STEM professionals.

Capstone Project

Celebrates the achievements of the young engineers and allows them to demonstrate what they have learned.

Quizzes and Final Exam

To further demonstrate what the girls have learnt, 80% success in quizzes and exams will be required to complete the program.

Application Guide


Eligibility Requirements


Enroll in the Girls in Engineering Program and take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career in engineering. Gain hands-on experience, develop valuable skills, and connect with inspiring female mentors and industry professionals.

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