Engineering Summer Camp Experience

Welcome to our Engineering Summer Camp, an immersive and thrilling experience designed to ignite your passion for engineering! Throughout this camp, you’ll embark on a journey of exploration, innovation, and teamwork, as you delve into the fascinating world of engineering.

The #1 ENGINEERING Camp in Nigeria!

Become a hands-on problem solver by building structures, engineering (and racing) cars, 3D designs, electric circuits,  competing in design challenges and more! Our  campers develop their skills, mindsets, and experiences through design challenges, problem-solving activities, and group projects.

Date: August 05 – 16, 2024 | Time: 10:00AM – 02:00PM | 100% Virtual

Camp fee: N50,000 naira only (2 Weeks, Mon. – Sat.)

Our Summer Camp Theme

This year our summer camp theme is “Engineering Heroes“. We shall be exploring engineering heroes in our past and present day and highlights the contributions of engineers to society. At the end of the camp, our campers will show they are heroes by the projects they will complete with a badge and certificate.

Our Summer Camp Platforms

Meet Your Summer Camp Engineering Heroes!

Get ready to meet our amazing Engineering Heroes, each with unique superpowers that demonstrate the incredible possibilities within different fields of engineering. These heroes are here to inspire you and show you how engineering can change the world!

We’re ready to have some fun in summer 2024!

Every day, our campers will be engaged in a variety of workshops, interactive sessions, and experiments that cover diverse fields of engineering, from electrical and mechanical to civil and computer engineering.

Live video sessions with engineering experts, worksheets, quizzes, and games supplement the lessons.

Camp Daily Schedule


Welcome to Camp! Introductions, Ice-Breaking Sessions, Lesson of the Day begins.


Lesson of the day and classroom interactives quizzes.


Lesson of the day continues with breaks....


Time for Ideation lab


End of the day with take-home assignments.

What you’ll need at Summer Camp

Your Laptop

You will need access to a laptop with internet and good battery that can last for 3 hours.


You will need access to a smartphone with WhatsApp. You will be added to a group that will help you throughout the camp.

Virtual Camp Handbook

THE Virtual Camp Handbook will be sent to you via the WhatsApp before the camp begins.

Writing Materials

Have your writing materials like pens, pencils, eraser and rulers ready for all the sessions we will be having online.

For more Information

To learn more about our Engineering Summer Camp Experience 2024, kindly contact us by clicking on the button below: 

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