Little Engineers

Enroll your child in the Little Engineers Program and watch them explore the
wonders of engineering while developing valuable STEM skills.

The Little Engineers Program is an engaging and educational initiative designed for young children aged 8-15 who are curious about the world of engineering. This program aims to introduce participants to the basics of engineering through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and fun projects, fostering a love for STEM from an early age.

The Little Engineers Program encourages school students to discover the different and exciting fields of engineering through impactful termly sessions.. All classes are designed to be fun and educational, encouraging creativity and problem-solving.

Academic Learning Levels

The Little Engineers Program is structured over three terms, each focusing on different aspects of
engineering to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for children aged 8-15

Basic Level

Introduction to Engineering
and Basic Concepts

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Engineering Concepts and Applications

Advanced Level

Advanced Engineering Concepts and Career Exploration

Application Guide

Enrollment Requirements


Students Resources

Students enrolled in every academic levels are provided the following:

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