Welcome to STEM Club

Our virtual learning community for children aged 7-13,
meeting every weekend starting in September 2024.

100% Online


Each STEM Club session will explore a central field and how engineering can be applied to solve its diverse and real-world issues. Students will be guided through hands-on activities and STEM concepts will build upon each session while being interconnected throughout.

Our Club members meet on Saturdays online over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. A recurring link is provided.

In the club, students engage in science, maths, physics, technology and engineering live sessions. Saturday sessions are facilitated by passionate members of our undergraduate and postgraduate communities.

Throughout their Club journey, students will develop competencies across creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and research. Uniquely, our virtual club  also provides an opportunity to develop the learner’s digital literacy.


2024 Term - 8 Weeks Online


Our club programs run for 8 weeks. The online sessions last for 2 hours, depending on the age group, and involve all new hands-on STEM activities.

Meeting times: 10:00am – 12:00pm every Saturday beginning September 07.

Applications for our current intake is open.


Program acceptance will be dependent on the following matching criteria:

High school / Secondary students:

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