Little Engineers Day Camp

Little Engineers Mid-Term Camp

4 Days of Engineering Adventure

February 27 - March 01, 2024


Created for young minds eager to explore the world of engineering and technology, our camp offers a dynamic blend of hands-on activities, interactive learning, and fun challenges. Led by experienced instructors, our program aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork in a supportive and engaging environment.


Students explore the importance of engineering, what engineers do, how to become an engineer and the role of engineers in Artificial Intelligence. Students will also learn how to create their AI-generated story using ChatGPT and generative AI model, like stable diffusion.

Using principles of investigative science and forensic engineering, students will analyze evidence in a simulated crime scene using math, science, and technology.

Students will gain basic knowledge on how to analyse data, carry out calculations and create graphs with of Microsoft excel.

Students explore in this lesson, what structural engineering is and how it impacts their life every day. They will be taught how to draw different kinds of structures such as bridges, towers, houses and roads. They will also design their own tower of at least 50cm.

Students will participate in their own take-home STEM activity. 

Each lesson has its daily assignments that will be completed and submitted by the students.

Our Typical Daily Camp Timetable

Our learning formats are physical and virtual. Virtual learning attracts extra-costs due to delivery of STEM kits.

How to enrol

Begin Here

Let your child’s imagination run wild at our Little Engineers Mid-Term Camp, where they’ll have a blast, make new friends, meet engineers and unlock their full potential as the engineers of tomorrow. Join us for an unforgettable week filled with inspiration and innovation!


Program acceptance will be dependent on the following matching criteria:

High school / Secondary students:

Applications for our current intake is open.


Participants are encouraged to come with their lunch packs. The camp does not provide accomodation of any sort to participants


Call Engr. Lois for any inquiry:

0901 561 2680 

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